CF02 chair

chmara.rosinke’s CF02 Chair is inspired by the great legacy of tubular steel chairs designed by last century’s pioneering modernists—Adolf Loos, Josef Hoffmann, Josef Frank, Mart Stam, and Marcel Breuer. Like the 20th-century designers before them, chmara.rosinke have pursued economy of form and materials with this design; the result is a lightweight and stackable chair structure that uses only a single tube, bent and then welded in one spot. Two simple ash wood disks form the back and the seat.

CF02 Chair was initially developed as a part of a research and installation project presented at Vienna’s Museum für Angewandte Künste (MAK) in 2015.

year: 2015
materials: steel, ash wood / leather / textile
height: 90cm
sit height: 45cm
depth: 57cm

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