miron chair

The chair miron is a part of a family of plywood chairs. Its minimalistic and archetypical appearance touches the border of constructiveness. The aim was to go as far as possible with the material. The apperance and the different thickness of the legs play with the association of human stereotypes, the a bit edgy and more massive father, the slim and elegant lady and the a bit out of proportion son.

No screws or connections are visible, all details are hidden in the layered construction. It is an early work, that was developed still during studies. Another important aspect is the haptical experience. The wood is sanded and oiled in a very detailed work-progress to give the product and the birch wood an appearance that is far more high class and attracting, than that whatfor the material plywood normally stands for.

project: 2008
material: birch plywood, foam
production: available to order