nano habitat

Minimal, flexible living is becoming a topic of great attraction in our society. Our generation is trying harder and harder to get away from the 90s frenzy of consumerism. In society which is getting faster, classical values again become important. As quality and sustainability gain the upper hand, we begin to feel closer to simple objects like furniture or the mobile-phone, so we would like to keep for longer, than the media-dictated 1/2 year cycle a simple, cheap and ecological habitat, that moves with you, that grows and shrinks with you, to adapt itself to your lifestyle. A home, that is also easy to install in overbuilt cities or in free space. It could work on roofs or in public space. The construction is made out of wooden I –girders, the insulation out of a straw – bale system. The design is made in passive house technology with predominantly ecological materials. It‘s easy to build and designed to fit in a lorry to make the transport easier. The single walls exist with different facades (agricultural cloth or wood). The target group are people for whom ecology and their own home is important, and that they are possible to take with when moving.

exhibited at Unpolished Paris

project: 2009
: massive larch wood, straw, clay, cork
production: we are looking for sponsors to build a prototype hotel on the top of a mountain in Vorarlberg