x_module is a furniture that modelates a space. It is a mobile and adaptable element – alternative to orthogonal shelfs. Thanks to a multiplication it receives new functions and possibilities. It has its own character but accepts creativity. Main principle of this furniture is stappling and combining identical elements in different ways. It can be used as a slim vertical shelf with a use of 4 modules or as an extensive wall with 16 or more elements. Depending on configurations sculpturality of furniture vary. 3 modules create coffee table or – if possitioned other way – a bench. Singular ones can be used as simple stools. Form of x-module derives from geometry of rhombus what makes it expressive and dynamic. Shape visible from the sides changes into regular square elevation when looking at it from the front. Proportions of a module were designed functionally to serve all purposes without a loos of transparency and abajure character.

honourable mention at make me!

project: 2006/2007
: 20mm birch plywood
: 380×380 mm
production: available to order
finish: natural, with finish layer of parafine oil and bee wax, white or black pigment