a timber daybed for Hermès

In time for oneself you often need physical borders to get away from the habits of everyday life. A simple wooden daybed with foldable textile screens positioned over the daybad provide the feeling of safety and show also to other people how you feel. If you are open, if you do not want to be disturbed… this furniture reflects your moods and helps to bare them.

The constructive parts of the piece are a minimalistic combination of slim, round 38mm mapple wood and rectangular 320 x 150mm massive larch blocks. In its aesthetics the object is reminding the harmonic approach of japanese architecture. The simple and sterile forms of the wood are contrasted by the movable freeform structure that gives the object its own character and provides to a visible and feelable lightness. Different haptic qualities of the textiles and the smell of naturally treated wood make the piece not only a visual and spacial but olfactoric and haptic experience. The colours of the wood- whitish of maple and reddish of larch- gets more and more alike during its lifetime, gain traces of usage and quality over years.

finalist of The Prix Émile Hermès 2014 competition
project: 2014
materials: maple massive, larch massive, silk, wool, goldened steel