DKS lamps

This collection of lamps started in June last year, when we have been designing the interior for the museum shop in the castle of Dresden (Residenzschloss). We have replaced the baroque chandelier from the space and wanted make a lamp that gives the space a very smooth soft light and highlightens the architectural details not letting them appear gloomy, but smooth.

On the one hand this chandelier has a certain clearness and strength by its geometry on the other hand, this gets broken, as one can turn each light source and the result can be very playful. So you can also adapt the light situation to suite the space.We liked very much the connectors and other parts we have designed for the chandelier, so we have decided to design out of these parts a whole collection. The simple standing lamp, gets visual tension by its slight asymmetry. This asymmetry is a result from the placement of the connector, that also allows to turn the lamp shade.


The small hanging lamp is designed in cooperation with a viennese audio engineer and has the same option of turning its lamp shades, besides that, in the middle is included a special hifi tube speaker, that gives a good sound to the space. The whole collection is based on the the contrast of matt black and white, simplicity in form, a graphical appearance and high quality in light.


project: DKS lamp collection
year: 2018-2019
material: metal,
light source: LED