field chapel

Field chapel was designed to provide a place for individual meditation and prayer to the people of Chwaszczyno. It is planned on the uncultivated fields, and located next to the small path by the forest,10-minutes-walk away from the church. The way through the fields becomes the part of the project, when one can experience surrounding, think or already pray. The chapel is planned in untreated massive, larch wood and it allows time and nature to change the colours and texture of the materials… After years the chapel would become brown and almost black (differently on different sides) and would blur in with the dark forest wall behind. The ascetic interior creates plenty of space for concentration. The play of light through porous monolithic walls, textures and the smell of materials, flowers and sounds of nature are integral elements of this space for prayer. Depending on the time of day and weather the light that comes through small openings, changes the atmosphere of interior…

honorable mention at make me!
exhibited at Unpolished Paris

project: 2009
: massive larch wood, concrete