klangraum stein

The project is situated in Sonntag Stein. A skiing and hiking are in the mountains of Vorarlberg, in Austria. In this very idyllic part of Austria, people have a puristic approach to live. As it is tradition the farmers go every summer with their cows high up in the mountains and live during the summer in their alp-huts. The respect for nature and a culture that doesn’t go for economic maximization provides to high-class products in the sector of food, especially milk-products and also in craftsmanship. We were asked to develop a concept for an artistic project in the mountains. Tourism is a part of the economy, but the residents don’t want to attract masses, what would disturb their authenticity. They talk about calm tourism.

In this area is living an old musician, called Gerold Amann, who is making interesting folklore music by reacting exactly to the echo of the mountain. He develops never heard effects by his studies of timing, position and direction of the musicians. So our project deals with the way that is showing the way to the place, where exactly this music happens. By discovering an old path, we could offer a beautiful way to this special spot. The concept of this way was to show the visitor not only the aesthetic qualities of this area, but to concentrate also on the acoustic qualities. So our project was about calmness and its different forms. When we say the word still, we often don’t mean the physical term still, but we generate different also formal associations in our mind. Some people think of a hammock and listening to the wind striving through the leaves of a tree, and some think of the rushing of a river. To show the different aspects of still, and how acoustics vary we have developed a furniture installation with funnels. Chairs, rocking-chairs, and chaise-longues are spread in groups or alone by the side of the way and sometimes in the forest where you meet them only by coincidence. The funnels enable you to listen more specific in a certain direction and compare the sounds you meet on your way. It shows how rich the world of calmness can be, and how important acoustics are for our perception of space. As the main part of the world population is living in cities, we try to deal most of the time with an overdose of acoustic rubbish and forget how to eavesdrop.

Another part of the project is a pavilion called Klangfall. Several metal sheets are bend over a small river and generate a pavilion. This space changes depending from what point of view you look at it or where you stand. The gaps between the metal sheets provide to a beautiful play of light and generate a meditative space. The formal language of the pavilion was developed only by acoustic reasons. Every step is a different acoustic experience. Even while only standing in front of it, your acoustic perception changes and reaches its peek point while going through it in the middle of the pavilion. The psychological associations with the rushing of a river and the play of the lights generate a very unique space.

project partner: Michal Pecko
: 2011
location: Sonntag Stein