sack und pack

The project brings romantic images of childhood into focus. These images are generated mainly by children book illustrators or film-makers and are especially known by stories like Tom Sawyer. Typical stereotypes are the self made fishing rod or the cut-off branch on which a cloth with red dots is tied to create an improvised bag for your elementary stuff needed on an adventurous journey.
The object is inspired by these stereotypical image, and exaggerated to a functional design object of desire for adults. The materials used are oiled oak, browned steel, leather and linen. It can be seen as a trophy or a sentimental reminder of elementary needs we have. „Sack und Pack“ is crafted in Vienna in a limited edition of 20 pieces.

“sack und pack” was exhibited during Vienna Design Week 2012

project: 2012
materials: oak, steel, leather, linen
production:  limited to 20 pieces