YUNO glassware

YUNO is a collection of glassware by chmara.rosinke. The design, with its formal austerity, well balanced proportions and archetypical design vocabulary, was conceived in 2014. Prototypes produced by Zalto were first shown as part of chmara.rosinke’s Cucina Futurista 2.0 at Vienna’s MAK during the 2015 Vienna Design Week.

The collection is comprised of three reversible glasses and a decanter. It is namedfor the roman „queen of the gods“ IVNO, with the shapes of the letters Y, U and O reflecting the basic geometric elements of the designs. The series is handblown by polish glassmakers Krosno.

orders via email or at Wallpaper Store*

The project received MUST HAVE 2018 award

glass S: 29 euro
glass M: 29 euro
glass L: 29 euro
decanter: 44 euro
new glass XS: 29 euro for two

design:2014, 2018(xs glass)
dimension: glass 160mm, decanter 210mm
producer : Krosno glass, Poland
black photos by: Markus Zahradnik