Dandy box

Inspired by the life of Beau Brummel, the dandy of the 19th century, we asked ourselves what his contemporaries have in common with their classical idol and what constitutes the differences between them. One of the obvious similarities is the desire to expose and to express oneself – today, with social media, more than ever. One of the major differences however, is the need for quality. Todays dandies need things for a glimpse, for a single picture, neither brand nor quality are important, the image is. With Beau Brummel's daily fourhour dressing routine in mind we built this object, which is a travelling box, a wardrobe, a mini bar – an object to expose and to express oneself. Put it anywhere in the street, dress yourself, take a selfie, put some music on, have a drink, write a message, talk to people and be important.

Year: 2016
Dimesions: 80x60x180cm
Material: plywood coated
Realised for: exhibition Gegen den Strich, gallery Spazio Pulpo