Neo Modernist Kitchen

Formal aesthetic design dominates the function of this object. The kitchen becomes a free-standing spatial composition. The generally immobile object is broken down into individual pieces of light-looking mobile furniture, each module defined by its purpose.

Much more than fulfilling the role of a classic kitchen, these objects are designed for the urban person who does not cook or only cooks a little. They are used to prepare small meals, heat up food or make coffee, fitting into a metropolitan lifestyle with an interior aesthetic of lightness and spatial emptiness. The project forms an antipole to the often monolithic spatially dominating kitchen blocks that are regularly propagated in contemporary design magazines.

The mix of colours and geometries reflects the modernist heritage to which the designers refer and which played an important role in their education.

Year: 2018-2019
Dimensions: 158x64x215cm (cooking module - unfolded), 172x60x215cm (sink module - unfolded)