Neo Modernist Kitchen

Resulting from different mobile and modular kitchens we have designed in the last years, this small modular kitchen was designed in a more formal aesthetic way. In this concept each kitchen module bears one function here you can see the cooking and washing module. The rather immobile kitchen gets divided in light single modules that can be placed in different constellations in the space. For us it’s very important to provide the kitchen with lightness and the flexibility of other furniture pieces to accentuate another way of living for another architecture to live in. In general these objects are a composition of free standing kitchens appearing as „mobiliar“ as movable furniture pieces and not as fixed, installed objects. The colors as well as the geometry refer to our modernist heritage in design.

Year: 2018-2019
Dimensions: 158x64x215cm (cooking module - unfolded), 172x60x215cm (sink module - unfolded)