Essays on kitchens

Essays on kitchens summarizes contemporary discourses relating to the kitchen from the realms of sociology, design and gastrosophy. Based on six kitchens designed by the chmara.rosinke studio, the project examines different facets of the kitchen: its performative and representational functions and its social and societal role, as well as craft and design aspects. The volume explores how these norms and expectations have developed in public, gastronomic, and private settings, and how the kitchen has made its mark on cultural history.

Title: Essays on kitchens
Published by: Spector Books Leipzig in July, 2019
Info: 95 pp 
ISBN: 9783959053280
Dimensions: 16.5x24
Language: English
Editors: Ania Rosinke, Maciej Chmara
Text: Klara Czerniewska-Andryszczyk, Olga Drenda, Sarah Dorkenwald, Claudia Banz, Jörg Wiesel, Agata Szydłowska, Anna Carnick
Graphic design: Michał Pecko, Ania Rosinke, Maciej Chmara
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