Looking back at the studio’s kitchen designs of recent years, this project asks how today’s kitchens should be designed in terms of function, ergonomics, technology and aesthetics. The kitchen shown here is part of a larger-scale research project and challenges existing norms, in terms of heights, depths, workflows and space required. Topics rarely discussed, such as energy efficiency and recovery in the kitchen, and a cultural change in the way we cook, find their place in this project. Other aspects of the project deal with food production, indoor climate, the waste system and, overall, the issue of circularity in the kitchen context.

The understanding of what a kitchen is, is inspired by the guidelines from Otl Aicher’s book „Die Küche zum Kochen“ (the kitchen for cooking). The design language is kept graphic, light and elegant reducing the objects to an archetype. The elements of the kitchen are also deconstructed into individual, movable modules, giving additional functionality.

The project seeks to create a contemporary image of cooking in terms of ergonomics, ecology and delight. In exploring and focussing on its essence, the scale and functionality of the kitchen is refined.

Year: 2022
Material: stainless steel, plywood
Elements: main kitchen module, oven module, storage shelf
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