YUNO glassware

The design, with its formal austerity, well balanced proportions and archetypical design vocabulary, was conceived in 2014. The collection is comprised of three reversible glasses, water or whiskey glass and a decanter. It is named for the roman queen of the gods IVNO, with the shapes of the letters Y, U and O reflecting the basic geometric elements of the design. YUNO is handblown in Poland by Krosno and received Must Have Award in 2018.

Year: 2014, 2018
Material: hand-blown crystal glass
Producer: Krosno
Heights: 70mm (XS), 160mm (S,M,L), 210mm (decanter)
XS glass: 35 euro for two 
S glass : 35 euro
M glass: 35 euro
L glass : 35 euro
Decanter: 50 euro 
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