A digital campagne, a pop-up exhibition, a movie and a newspaper realized for Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

In the beginning of April 2020 we have created a stop motion movie with an easy instruction for a DIY mask for SKD Dresden. The movie was encouraging to make protective face masks for yourself, your family and also for those that may be in need. What started as a rapid response project in the time when museums were closed, developed to an online exhibition on instagram, a special edition of the Karuna Kompass street magazine and a pop-up exhibition in Japanisches Palais in Dresden. The project treated about masks in the context of design, ethnology, politics and culture and is available on @Kunstgewerbemuseum.skd (instagram)

Year: 2020
Commission: SKD
Curators: Aline Lara Rezende, Ania Rosinke, Maciej Chmara
Initiated by: Thomas Geisler/SKD Kunstgewerbemuseum
Assisted by: Nils Hilkenbach/SKD Kunstgewerbemuseum
Texts in Karuna Kompass by: Anna Bromley, Anke Hennig, Astrid Mania, Georg Diez, Thomas Geisler, Kevin Bress, Leontine Meijer von Mensch, Aline Lara Rezende, Maciej Chmara, Ania Rosinke
Supported by: Karuna Kompass
Graphic design of Karuna Kompass: Christopher Borrows
DIY mask instruction: here
Music: Pawel Andryszczyk
Link to WEMASK project on SKD website: here