R01 modular rug

R01 is a hand-tufted, modular rug that consist of three pieces: a rectangle, a half circle, and a triangle, which can be presented individually or assebled as a whole. The concept of modularity gives a great flexibility and allows the user to adapt the rug to the size and shape of a space. The pattern was created in a series of drawing studies with dynamic, colorful compositions by the use of geometric forms. The very vivid rug is on one hand a celebration of postmodern saturation and on the other the functional answer to always adapting and changing living spaces.  R01 can be presented as a floor rug as well as a decorative piece on the wall. It is made from new zealand wool (as seen in the light blue and grey matte background) and viscose (as seen in the colored parts, which feature a satin shine).
The carpet is available in two widths: 140cm and 200cm.

year: 2017
material: wool, viscose
dimension: 200×460 cm (big one – all three parts)

to purchase R01 rug or to get further details please contact us under we@chmararosinke.com