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A selection of lamps by chmara.rosinke:
“You make it Europe” is a light designed in 2013 with standard industry brass parts available in Europe. It´s mobile-like shape, a prescious material and a generous size create the elegant aesthetics of the lamp using very simple means. The shape of each object is unique and effected by a hand turned screw threads of swivels and connectors. The series of lights vary slightly in size and shape and create a family of simmilar, but never identical light sculptures. The collection is replenished by a minimal, one-bulb version standing in a dialogue between traditional brass chandelier and a pure, modernistic bulb. The lamp is produced in three standart dimentions :large , small and short for wide rooms with lower ceilings. This light is an homage to the do-it-yourself  „You make it“ lamp by Lindsey Adelman.
chmara.rosinke designed You Make It Europe Ceiling Light during their residency at Vienna’s Museum für Angewandte Künste (MAK), where they explored the topic of do-it-yourself culture. It’s now part of MAK’s permanent collection.
Price: 680 Euro

“You make it Europe – Berlin “ is a two bulb , long, horizontal version of  “You make it Europe” 2014
“You make it Europe- a standing lamp” 2017
“Chandelier 1″
“Chandelier 2″

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photo 6 by Leo Hilzensauer