Living a good life with bread 

// “On the Search for Deliciousness – Baking Europe”, Professor Charles Spence
// “Making and breaking bread during the pandemic – Baking Europe”, Professor Charles Spence
// “What is bread? – An attempt”, Maciej Chmara
// “I am standing in a grove of trees” Sudeep Agarwala
// “Breadcrumbs – an anthology of Polish lyrical poetry with the motif of bread”, Klara Czerniewska-Andryszczyk
// “Bread-interview with Giulia”, Maciej Chmara

“Living a good life with bread” is a research project developed within the framework of “Oxford x UdK Berlin. Seedfunding for Creative Collaborations”.

Project partners: Prof. Charles Spence (Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford), Maciej Chmara (Institut für Produkt- und Prozessgestaltung, UdK Berlin) Drawings: Ania Rosinke